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"John seems like a rarity to me.  He’s a man who truly cares about his work.... (We) would not hesitate to use him again or to recommend him to others."

We live in a small town.  As a Santa Barbara painting contractor word of mouth is vital to us. A sincere, heartfelt thanks to all of our clients who - for over 25 years - have entrusted us with their projects.


"Yesterday I stopped by the house and I have to say that the new paint looks even better than I imagined!  Honestly, it is like a total makeover.  It looks so crisp, fresh and contemporary.  One would never know how awful the bathroom looked, and painting the metal window frames and all the doors white was a stroke of genius.  And the color is sublime.  You might be in the wrong business.  I think you have a career in color consulting!"

-Mary Bergmann., home owner

"We have been recommending John and his crew to my friends and clients for several years.  His work for us has been exemplary. He did a fantastic job on our family home, inside and out, and our condo – cabinets, wood work, natural finishes, custom colors .... John is smart and fair and committed to his work. We recommend him highly."

-Mark Moseley, real estate broker

"John seems like a rarity to me. He’s a man who truly cares about his work. He wants to do a good job and he does. We used him for the inside and outside of our home and would not hesitate to use him again or to recommend him to others."

-Bill Smith, UCSB professor

"The deck looks awesome! Total transformation! Next summer, the house! Thanks, man!"

-John Durkee, engineer

"John is a master craftsman. He and his crew are simply the best! Very reliable. Fastidious with the prep. Very fair. Meticulous. He’s done many projects for us.  And he has great ideas. I love the faux finish on the kitchen backsplash; I can’t stop admiring our accent wall; the new stained doors look like fine furniture.  Pickerill Painting.  Yes!"

Cecelia Brown, Planning Commission

"John has worked with us for close to 20 years. First he did the outside – repairing, along with his associates, some rather extensive damage along the way. Inside he restored our cabinetry and doors to their fine natural finishes; he removed the acoustic on the ceilings, and everything else. He seems very efficient. He thinks things out and proceeds in a rational order. Plus he developed custom colors for us when none of the other color choices were quite right. His work has been uniformly excellent. He’s a man of good humor. And he has painted close to half the homes on our little block. We recommend his work without qualification."

-Bob Haller, retired professor

"Our place looks absolutely beautiful! I felt I could trust you in our first conversation and I was right. If you ever want a letter of recommendation I’d say, 'John thought of, and attended to, more details than I had ever imagined! He sets, and meets, a high standard for his work.' I mean it. And thanks for the repair work on the paneling. No one else caught that. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you!"

-Sara Zak, retired naval officer

"Our house is over 60 years old and John gave it the best paint job it’s ever had. He’s done most of the inside too. We totally trust his work. His crew is respectful and easy to have around. We recommend his work highly."

-Bob Muller, botanist

"John knows what needs doing and he does it. The man knows what he’s doing."

-Don George inventor

"The ceilings look spectacular!  We can’t believe it’s the same place as the ceilings have never looked this good; we’re really pleased. Many painters have tried and failed before you. And the office walls look stupendous. Plus we get compliments on the outside all the time.  Thanks for all your hard work for us."

-Sheri Benninghoven, crisis management

"I recommend John and his work highly. He is meticulously attentive to detail and always committed to doing the job right. Over the years he has never failed to impress me with his knowledge of painting materials and processes, and how best to apply them in each unique situation. He’s also an interesting guy and fun to be around.  I’m always confident recommending John for any painting project."

-Steve Mountain, building contractor

"Al and I are so pleased with your work. Your guys did such a beautiful job. The house looks great and the stained door looks better than it ever has! We've had a lot of painting done over the years and we think this is the best crew Al and I have ever had work for us. The guys are clean and respectful.... We are thoroughly pleased with the experience.  We'd be happy to recommend you to anyone."

-Pat Dahl, home maker

"John Pickerill is a detail-oriented craftsman and a scrupulously fair contractor. Our house turned out to be more attractive than we could have dreamed. Aside from that we enjoyed the pleasure of his company. He is funny, perceptive, and warm."

-Stewart Holden, lawyer

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